Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

As we take our first steps towards normality, are you ready for the new rules?

As well as displaying an NHS QR code poster, the rules state that you must have a compliant system in place to record details of visitors who do not have the NHS app, as well as complying with GDPR rules. That's where we can help.

Back to business!

We are finally starting to re-open our businesses. As we do, we need to be sure that we are up to speed, and in compliance with, the new rules and regulations around contact tracing.

Many businesses have new rules to follow, and must ensure that they have in place a mechanism for collecting contact information from visitors to their venue(s), in addition to using NHS QR code posters.

Examples include:

  • amusement arcades
  • art fairs
  • barbers
  • bars, including bars in hotels or members’ clubs
  • beauticians
  • betting shops and bingo halls
  • cafes, including workplace canteens
  • casinos
  • cinema
  • clubs providing team sporting activities
  • community centres
  • concert venues
  • dress fitters, tailors and fashion designers
  • facilities for use by elite and professional sportspeople
  • gyms
  • hairdressers
  • heritage locations and attractions open to the public
  • hotels and other guest accommodation
  • indoor sport and leisure centres
  • museums and galleries
  • music recording studios open for public use
  • nail bars and salons
  • outdoor swimming pools and lidos
  • public houses
  • public libraries
  • restaurants
  • skin and body piercing services
  • sports and massage therapists
  • tattooists
  • theatres
  • village halls
  • youth and community centres

What are the new rules?

According to government guidelines, venues in certain sectors, such as those listed above, "must have a system in place to request and record contact details of their customers, visitors and staff to help break the chains of transmission of coronavirus."

So, you must display an NHS QR Code poster at the entrance to your venue(s), to facilitate the use of the NHS COVID-19 app.

In addition:

  • You must have a system in place for individuals who do not have a smartphone and/or the NHS COVID-19 app to provide their contact details
  • You must adhere to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
    • Your visitors have the right of access to the contact data you collect.
    • You must explain why you are collecting data, using a privacy notice for example.
    • You must be able to locate and correct incorrect data at a visitors request.
    • You must not hold records of customer visits beyond 21 days, in any form.

Full guidance can be found on gov.uk

Introducing ReOpen

You can tick all of the boxes easily and cheaply with .

is a web-based system which allows visitors to provide the necessary contact information themselves, without the use of an installed app. You can also enter contact details of visitors yourself - keeping you compliant when your visitor doesn't have a smartphone and/or the NHS app.

will automatically generate its own QR codes and privacy policies for you to display at your venue, for those who wish to check-in themselves but to not have or want the NHS app.


You can also use the system to process requests which you may receive from visitors exercising their rights under GDPR. You can easily correct details, and produce summaries of visitor data should they request it.

If you receive a request from NHS Test and Trace will help you by providing the required details of the visitors to your venues, and will automatically delete these details after 21 days in compliance with the rules.

Everything taken care of - quickly, securely, and under one roof!

How it works

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1. Register Your Venue

It's as simple as entering the venue name.

Do you have more than one venue? Multiple staff? No problem.

2. Print Posters

If you choose to, you can print QR posters and/or privacy policies for your venue(s).

3. Visitor Check In

Using either the poster QR code or web address, a visitor is taken to a secure site to log their details.

If they do not have a smartphone, or you don't want to use ReOpen QR posters, you can do it for them in seconds on a simple dashboard, using any device.

4. Visitor Check Out

When they leave, visitors who registered themselves can scan the code again, or refresh the page on their mobile, and the system will show them as having left the venue. For visitors checked in by you, it's takes seconds to check them out.


We believe in keeping things simple.

You can sign up to with no set-up fees, and take advantage of of free access to evaluate it for yourself, with no obligation.

After that the cost is , when paying by monthly Direct Debit.


We will invoice you on the 1st of each month for your usage during the previous month, with payment due 14 days later.

We won't ask you for any payment details right now and there is no minimum contract or "tie-in" - you can cancel at any time, only paying for what you have used.

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